Session 2 Week 1!!!!

Good Day Art Camp Families!

To the families new and old, the Art Camp Staff would like to welcome you to Session 2! We are so excited to start another four weeks filled with water bombs, sleepovers, prank week, yummy treats, and so much more. If you are a new family, don’t forget to attend our Open House this Sunday (7/19) from 9-1.

At camp, we want to ensure that we are having a blast every single second of the day. As much as the Directors would love to do that job, they unfortunately cannot. That’s where our wonderful counselors come in! Our counselors are trained well in the craftsmanship that is FUN; some of them have been at camp since we’ve been at Ilan Ramon (eight years) while others are joining us for the first time. Either way, they are all excited to spend their summer playing silly games, getting soaked, making a fool of themselves, but most importantly, ensuring that everyone is having a blast.

Art Camp is not like any other day camp. We don’t go on field trips biweekly or do sports every block, but we do something that no other day camp does, we have SLEEPOVERS!!. That’s right, for just the price of $75 per child, you can enroll your son or daughter for the wonderful Session 2 sleepover. It’s filled with fun games, prizes, and so much more. This session’s sleepover is on August 1st, so save the date! (Registration forms to come)

Throughout the summer, Art Camp participates in fundraising money for Camp Del Corazon, a camp for children with heart disease or a history of heart disease. The money that we raise helps send children who cannot afford to go to camp. Last session, we were able to help raise $6,217, which is enough to send 6 children to camp. Our goal this session is to raise more, because the more kids we can send the merrier. Do YOU think we can raise more money?

On another note, our wonderful Chef Shantai has a Hot Lunch Program. The lunches are nutritious and filling for children, but most of all, easy for you. There are vegetarian options if need be. The meal options change daily, but remain the same weekly. If you want to sign up for one day this week, a whole week, or even the rest of the session, you can follow this link and complete the form.

If you wanted to stay updated daily with pictures of your super cute kids or see what funny things we are doing at camp, follow our Instagram (@agouraartcamp). You can check our Facebook for updates as well!

The first week of the session is always the craziest, but we can’t wait to experience it with a brand new group of kids


– Agoura Art Camp Staff




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