Session 2 Week 2!!

Good Day Art Camp Families!

It’s week 2 already, which means we’re almost halfway done with the session. It’s crazy!! So many exciting things are happening this week!! Wednesday is HIPPIE DAY, where kids can dress up in their favorite hippie outfit from our favorite decade. On Thursday, it’s CRAZY DAY, where you can mix and match outfits, wear your hair in a weird way, hairspray it different colors, wear different color socks, or even come as your crazy self to camp. As always, we will have lots of games and really cool activities. The JCITs and CITs will have awesome activities for the children for either day or maybe even both!

But the most important thing is happening this upcoming weekend…IT’S THE SLEEPOVER!!!!! Our favorite time of the year! This session’s theme is Ashley, Morgan, and Olivia’s Ultimate Birthday Bash! When we took Ashley, Morgan, Olivia, and the Art Camp’s birthdays and added it together, we got 8 1 (August 1st)! Cool huh? The directors will have an activity to do with the kids that they’ve been dreaming to have at their birthday parties since they were kids, but could sadly never do. Food, desert, and breakfast in the morning is fully covered, and fun is always guaranteed. I know you’re wondering how you can sign your children up for the fun (and the weekend off). Well, if you follow this link, you can fill out the form and turn it in to Ashley, Morgan, or Olivia. But hurry up cause the spaces are LIMITED!!

P.S. If you’re already signed up for the sleepover (YES!), you still need to turn in a form, just not the payment.

Also, our wonderful Chef Shantai has a Hot Lunch Program. The lunches are nutritious and filling for children, but most of all, easy for you. There are vegetarian options if need be. The meal options change daily, but remain the same weekly. If you want to sign up for one day this week, a whole week, or even the rest of the session, click here and complete the form.

If you wanted to stay updated daily with pictures of your super cute kids or see what funny things we are doing at camp, follow our Instagram (@agouraartcamp). You can check our Facebook for updates as well!

Last but not least, the Directors, Teachers, and Counselors will like to thank you for all your wonderful support and cooperation throughout the summer!

– Agoura Art Camp Staff

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