Good Day Art Camp Families!

We can’t believe it is already week 4! Where has the session gone?! So crazy how fast it went. This past weekend was THE AMAZING RACE SLEEPOVER. The kids had an amazing time doing scavenger hunts, playing different challenges, and sleeping at camp. We played mind-blowing games, and below, are just some of the pictures from the sleepover. Don’t forget you can already register for the Session 2 Sleepover!

As the session is coming to a close and we are sad to say goodbye to the campers that we have made memories with. That being said, we are super excited to see the wonderful performances that they have worked so hard to put together for the camp, and especially the parents. If you know that your child is in a performing class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, look at this schedule. If your child is in a performing class on Tuesday and Thursday, click here.

If you pay for you son or daughter to eat popsicle every time they’re at camp, you already know that all the profits go to Camp Del Corazon, a camp for children with heart disease or a history of heart disease. The money helps send children who cannot afford to go to camp. This session, we helped raise $6076! That’s enough to send 6 children to Camp Del Corazon, which is more than we’ve ever had in Art Camp history! Awesome!!!!!!!

Teen Camp LOVED buddy blocking with Da’vinCheese on Tuesday and Thursdays that we’re doing it again! Teen Camp helped their 101 buddies make ice cream from scratch. We combined Teen Camp’s science class with Da’vinCheese’s cooking class to create an awesome experience they both enjoyed. Everyone made a new friend!

The JCITs and CITs this session did an amazing job to help make camp super fun! They helped set up and even run the photo booths that we had on some of our spectacular costume days. On Fourth of July, they served yogurt with berries and they even helped all of camp make ice cream sundaes this week! Super yummy

If you had as much fun in Session 1 as we all did, it is still not too late to register for Session 2 101, upper, or even teen camp! We have completely new classes with some awesome new teachers, JCITs, CITs, and Counselors. We’re so ready to relive the fun from Session 1, on a whole new level. Pranks will be heightened, games will be more challenging, and classes will be just as intriguing. But, register quick before spots start to fill!!

Don’t forget to check out our Instagram (@agouraartcamp), which is updated hourly with awesome pictures of your wonderful kids. You can check our Facebook for updates as well!

Also, our wonderful Chef Shantai has a Hot Lunch Program. If you want to sign up for the rest of this week and next week, or even next session, you can follow this link and complete the form.

Last but not least, Ashley, Morgan, Olivia, and David would like to thank you, the parents, for all the hard work you guys have done throughout the session. Without your support and efforts, this session would not have been as amazing and wonderfully fun as it was. We really appreciate all you have done!


– Agoura Art Camp Staff

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