Camp Owner & Director

Elizabeth has been working with children of all ages for 22 years, through enrichment & volunteer programs, tutoring, teaching Math, Art & Science! She strives in creating a safe, positive, loving and creative environment for kids, because she has a great passion for Education and the Arts!
She enjoys
providing children with leadership
opportunities where they can share their voice, succeed as leaders, grow as individuals and shine bright, while stepping into the person they are meant to be in this world. She is extremely passionate in giving back to the community through the arts. When she is not busy running camp, Elizabeth is teaching art throughout the school-year at various schools & tutoring children. In her down time, you'll find Elizabeth creating & selling her art, hosting art birthday parties, and creating programs about Self-Love, Confidence, and Healing for the community.

You will also find Elizabeth giving back to one of her favorite non-profit organizations, Worthy Of Love every single month as the Muralist of Love. Worthy of Love is a non-profit organization that throws birthday parties for the homeless kids of Skid Row and Hope Gardens every last Thursday of the Month. Being a part of community programs that help children and families celebrate who they are, is what Elizabeth is all about!
To learn more about Worthy of Love please visit: www.worthyoflove.org

This will be her 19th Summer running camp and she's excited to see all our amazing returning campers, and meet all our new camper families! Summer 2022, here we go! Woo-hoo!!

Nicole Lanzafame
Art Camp 101 Director

Nicole Lanzafame has worked in the field of education with levels ranging from preschool to 12th grade for nearly 22 years. Her extensive educational experience has been anywhere from working for LAUSD, as an after-school enrichment Site Supervisor and also as a Preschool Director. 

She thrives in creating a safe, progressive and dynamic environment where children's personal development & creative growth is valued. This allows her to utilize and expand her versatile skill set when working with children. She is detailed-oriented, extremely effective in communication skills, and a highly exceptional multi-tasker.

Throughout the school year, Nicole works seasonally as the Art Camp "101" Director, she also works directly with various families as an enrichment teacher and/ or as a child mentor. When not working as an Art Camp Director, an Enrichment Teacher, or as a Mentor, she is running a small, local self-care business that creates handmade wellness products. 

This upcoming summer, she is super excited to see & work with returning families and she looks forward to welcoming new Art Camp families! 

Matthew Rivera
Office Director

Matt is currently working on finishing up
his credits to transfer from Los Angeles
Valley College to Cal State University
Northridge with a Liberal Studies major. His
goal is to receive his BA and credentials to
be an elementary school teacher. Matt
has a strong passion for teaching and has
worked at an after school program called
Enrichement Educational Experience (E-3)
for four years. He has taught classes such
as geometry, film science, game board
designing, art, volleyball and basketball.
During the year you can find Matt as a teacher/yard aid at Carpenter Community Charter Elemenentary where he assists children with disabilites, handles teachers' office duties, and provides supervision for recess/lunch. This is Matt's 5th year as the Office Director with the Art Camp and he can't wait to see everyone again!

Founder; "The Big Cheese"

David earned his Bachelor of Arts degree
from UCLA in 1975. His vision of starting a
series of comprehensive summer art
programs for young children began 15
years ago when he saw a need for an

alternative to traditional summer day
camp programs. He brings his creativity,
enthusiasm and love of children to each
program he created.

“When my daughter was about seven years old, she asked me one day
what I did at work. I told her I worked at the college - that my job was to
teach people how to draw. She stared at me, incredulous, and said,
'You mean they forget?'”
- Howard Ikemoto

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