Thank you for your interest in our summer culinary program! We're planning another great summer in 2016! If you're trying to decide what your kids will be doing in their time off, you've come to the right place.

So roll up your sleeves, feel the dough between your fingers and get ready to slice and dice at the Art Academy's savory summer program for kids and teens simply called, Cooking Camp

From Blueberry Muffins to Cheese Raviolis, Quiche to Double Chocolate Fudge, our hands-on workshops focus on cooking from scratch using fresh, seasonal ingredients and time tested culinary techniques.

Whether your child is interested in becoming a head chef or simply a maker of a mean pesto sauce, Cooking Camp is a wonderful opportunity to expose your child to new foods that encourage them to expand their culinary palates and can serve as an ideal entree to culinary pursuits! We hope you'll join us this summer. Remember, cooking lessons are lessons for life.
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