Week One (Monday-Friday): March 29th-April 2nd
All Classes will be via ZOOM!

Art Camp From Home 2021 SPRING BREAK Edition

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We are so excited to announce ART CAMP FROM HOME: SPRING BREAK EDITION!!!!
Virtual Camp will take place Monday-Friday, for ONE WEEK of Spring Break!

Week One (Monday-Friday): March 29th-April 2nd

Each day there are a TWO or THREE workshop times
Workshop One Time Block: 9:30am- 10:30am
Workshop Two Time Block: 11:00am- 12:00pm

You can choose to enroll in for Week 1 in:
Monday-Friday for the Workshop One time block ($80 per week)
Monday-Friday for the the Workshop Two time block ($80 per week)
Monday-Friday for BOTH time blocks! ($160 per week)

During each Workshop time block we will offer 2 or 3 activity choices!
To check out the activity choices, click on the 2 Weekly Buttons below!

9:30am-10:30am- Workshop #1 Time Block
11:00am-12:00pm- Workshop #2 Time Block

What About Supplies?
For all of Badge's Magic/Games classes, there is a material fee of $25 per week. We will provide you with a Magic/Games box with different tricks and we will ship it straight to your home.
You can also pick it up for the Magic Apple Store on the 2nd floor in Studio City, on Venutra and Tujunga with contact-less pick-up!

For All Other Workshops, once you enroll we will supply you with a list of materials. Most are things you probably already have at home. Crayons, Markers, Pencil, Drawing paper etc.
What about siblings?
Siblings can attend Art Camp From Home: Spring Break Edition FOR FREE!
However, you do have to purchase additional materials for them (if they are taking Magic /Games you will have to purchase additional kits for each additional child.)

Payment Notes:
We are accepting all payments through Venmo. Once you enroll in camp, we will send you an email with your total amount due and a link to Elizabeth's Venmo page.

Are these lessons on Zoom?
Yes. We will email you with the Zoom ID and Password the weekend before the Session begins. For example, for kids enrolling Week 1 (March 29th-April 2nd)- you will get the Zoom Information on March 27th-March 28th.

When can I sign up?
WE ARE ENROLLING NOW! Click on the Weekly Schedule buttons below!

*Please note- we will close enrollment for Magic/Games classes 5 days before they start. We need at least a week notice so that we can get the supplies to you on time. For example, for kids enrolling Week 1 (March 29th-April 2nd), they need to enroll NO later than Tuesday March 23rd (1 week before starting) if they want to participate in week one of Magic & Games. You can also pick it up for the Magic Apple Store on the 2nd floor in Studio City, on Ventura and Tujunga with contact-less pick-up if you end up signing up less than a week from the class starting!

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