Yo-ho, Yo-ho, A Pirates life for me! Arrrgghh! Have ye ever dreamt of becoming an actual Pirate of the 7 1/2 seas? Well here be ye chance mateys! Ye be joining Mystery Mike (aka: Captain Big Mouth) where ye be learning all ye need to be making ye one of the greatest pirates of all time. You'll learn to walk, talk and of course 'sing' like a pirate. There be 'plank walking' as well other "Pirate Games" that we be playing on the ship. And ye also be creating ye very own Pirate "name" that works for you (keep in mind, it's always 3 words ie: Captain Big Mouth...Captain Blue Beard, etc...)Ye also will be learning how to navigate through the waters as well as discovering the real history of the Pirates of the past. Did ye be knowing that Pirates used dolphins, turtles and albatross' (a really big bird) to find their way to their treasures along with their compass? Ye be learning how to use a compass, create your own treasure maps and build your own treasure chest to fill on an actual Treasure Hunt at the end of the course with all kinds of Pirate Treasure. The only course requirement is that ye must speak Pirate (ye will be taught if ye don't know how) and have a desire to find treasure wherever you go. Aaaaaaaaargh! See ye all there and be prepared to Aaaaaaaaargh!