For ten years in Los Angeles, Danielle Kennard has been teaching the arts to kids of all ages, professionally teaching photography, drawing, painting, design, printmaking, sculpture, creative writing, music, science, yoga, theater, film, history, gardening, and physical fitness in enrichment programs in public and private schools throughout Los Angeles (with L.A.’s BEST Afterschool Enrichment Program and Woodland Hills Private School). Having attended Los Angeles County High School for the Arts has provided her with over 4000+ hours of professional study dedicated to film and art history, literature, and the visual arts. Being a Girl Scout of the San Fernando Valley for 12 consecutive years has helped Danielle to have a passionate, positive, and rounded approach in teaching the arts. Finishing credits to transfer from Los Angeles Valley College, this Anthropology major enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle, biking daily, rock climbing weekly, marathon running, and caring for plants. As freelance artist, Danielle has been documenting Los Angeles culture from an anthropological perspective since the age of fifteen, and is so excited to be teaching young artists with The Art Camp this year!